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Join the KESC Rambling/Wayfaring/ Hiking Club


Karmiel English Speakers Club is delighted to bring another activity to keep us amused, entertained, informed and above all fit!!  Welcome to the Galilee Wayfarers, inspired by a hiking club in England of a similar name, to which Gillian Cohn is closely connected!  The walks or hikes, which will be put on by the Galilee Wayfarers will be quite easy, not too strenuous and fairly local.  The walks will not be very long, say, 5 to 8 kilometres over moderately easy terrain. 

KESC offers an array of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly activities at the moadon. These activities include:

  • Bridge

  • Mahjong

  • Chair Exercises

  • Soup Night

  • Saturday Night @ Moadon

  • Programming Committee Meetings

  • KESC Management Committee Meetings

  • Private activities such as OA and other private clubs who rent our facility

The English Library

We are proud to have an active library with hundreds of up to date novels and non-fiction books as well.

The use of the library is free to all members of the club and the annual book sale of doubles and triples is open to the public and brings the whole Karmiel community to our doors for this most literate of fundraisers.

The Karmiel English Speakers' Club has a programming committee dedicated to bring a varied assortment of events each and every month of the year. The events always have coffee, tea and scrumptious cakes baked by KESC members. Our events include:

  • Lectures

  • Musical Events

  • Tiyulim

  • Movie Nights

  • Chanukah/Purim and other parties galore!

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