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Karmiel lately held its second monthly Farmers’ Market event in the
municipal marketplace located at the junction of HaYetzorim and HaKabai
Streets. A recent initiative of the municipality, it seeks to increase the
commercial footfall in this area. The site is only a stone’s throw from the
very popular Gan Ha’Ir shopping and entertainment complex and the now
somewhat dingy and down-at-heel Old Kanyon shopping area.


The initial event in December received some criticism as there were not many farmers’ stalls at all. A farmers’ market is supposed to be a physical retail marketplace intended to sell foods produced by farmers directly to consumers, bypassing the wholesaler and the retailer. Instead it featured a myriad of small vendors selling all sorts of goods and
paraphernalia, much of it unconnected with comestibles, more like a flea market. However, there were many coffee, beer and wine vendors present ncluding the Karmiel-based Gibor Brewery and live music playing.


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The Feature 


When the new British monarch King Charles III and his Queen Consort Camilla are crowned at Westminster Abbey on 6 May 2023, the king will have St. Edwards’s Crown placed upon his head by the Archbishop of Canterbury. This is the senior cleric of the Church of England of which the British sovereign is Supreme Governor. Named after King St. Edward the Confessor
(1003-1066), versions of this crown have traditionally been used to crown English (and after the union of England and Scotland in 1707, British)
monarchs at their coronations since the 13th century.


However, it is not the original St. Edward’s Crown because that was either
sold off or melted down after the English Parliament abolished the monarchy and executed King Charles I in 1649 following the English Civil War. After the
Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, a replica was made for King Charles II’s coronation a year later.

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