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The KBY Ladies

In the late 1980's, before the KESC even existed, in the days of the British Olim Society, a group of ladies decided it would be very good if they were to form a charity committee in order to help "Those in Need" in Karmiel.


The committee was then made up of 12 ladies comprising of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 9 committee members.

Throughout the years KBY donated money to the following organizations:

  • Rabbi Magalit –from Keren Ora

  • Rabbi Rivkin - Chabad

  • Social Services Karmiel 

  • The Karmiel Children’s’ Village

  • The Moadoniot for troubled youth

  • Etgarim


In recent years our committee is now down to 9 members and we are only able to donate money to The Moadoniot where we send money for children’s shoes every year, to The Childrens Village and to Etgarim. We send thousands of shekels of donations to these organizations through our various fundraisers.


In addition, we knit and crochet blankets to give to Social Services for distribution to those in need. Keren B’Yachad is very proud to take part in Channah Koppel’s project Ravelry. Since 2008, when Channah’s son was in the army, she started knitting hats for soldiers and soon had more than 1000 volunteers around the world knitting and donating these warm caps to the Israel Defense Forces.


Our fundraising events include:

  • Lunches

  • Parties\L'Haims

  • Discussions

  • Coffee Mornings

  • Afternoon Teas

  • Musical Evenings

  • An Annual Concert at the Conservatoire


Anything that involves food is home made by the ladies of KBY and considering what a small committee they are, they are simply "Remarkable."

The KBY Ladies do want to stress that if it wasn’t for such a wonderful and generous community they wouldn’t be do what they do and to donate to these cause that are in such need of funding. They wish the community good health and long life. The community returns their blessing, and wishes the KBY Ladies continued strength, Y’shar Koach!

The End of an Era

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